New York Times Debunks Fish Oil Craze

Posted on 5/23/2017 by

A joint investigation by The New York Times and Frontline in 2016 found that the benefits of Omega-3 fish and krill oil supplements are questionable at best.

“TV host Dr. Oz helped kicked off a gold rush in sales of Omega-3 health supplements when he used his show to endorse the alleged benefits of fish oil pills that can allegedly help prevent pretty much every malady under the sun, including Alzheimer's, cancer, and even depression. He singled out Omega-3 tablets made from krill, a tiny shrimp-like creature that is the bottom of the food species….”

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The very fact we are competing with whales for food from the ocean is a commentary on the sad state of the world today. Krill populations have fallen by 80% and whales are washing up dead of starvation all over the world. Krill is their main source of nutrition.

It is very disturbing that there is no evidence for benefits of krill oil and human health, so it is equivalent to grinding up rhino horn. A massive industry based on dubious health claims causing a massive effect on creatures we should be trying to coexist with.

We need to live with our world and stop exploiting it. Pure Form Omega® Natural is plant-based and organic. By definition a renewable product that helps the world in a very positive sense and is actually has demonstrable health benefits. Do yourself and the world a favour, change your oil.



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Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

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