Alzheimer’s, The Epidemic Continues

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Just released that Scotland had an increase in deaths from Alzheimer’s and other dementias year over year of 31%! That is incredible. The US has been increasing it’s Alzheimer’s population by 15% a year with someone dying of it every 66 seconds. The people are getting it at younger ages, it’s not just your grandmother getting old. If we lose our memories, we lose ourselves. The cost to society and to care givers is enormous. The loss wisdom is incalculable.

What is Alzheimer’s? Well it is, in reality, an extremely rare genetic disorder leading to brain loss, dementia and early death. Today it is used as a blanket term for all dementia but what we are seeing today is not classic Alzheimer’s. Something has fundamentally changed in our world to see such a meteoric rise in dementia. The one thing that links us all is food. We are all eating from the same grocery stores, the same food no matter where we live in North America. That was not the case 100 years ago when all food came from local farmers or more likely, your own farm. Our food today is very grain centric, loaded with pesticides and herbicides. We have dropped the healthy fat content from 70% of our calories 100 years ago to just 30% or less today. The brain is made of fat! These dietary patterns were bound to have an effect and now we are seeing it.


A recent study1 showed that the biggest difference in dementia brains as compared to normal brains was the amount of cholesterol and the amount of Linoleic acid (the essential Omega-6 fatty acid) it contained. We are literally waging war on our brains with our current dogma of attacking cholesterol and reducing the amount of Omega-6 in our diet.


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REFERENCED ARTICLE: Latest Facts & Figures Reports - Alzheimer's Association


1. Predictors of Memory in Healthy Aging: Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Balance and Fornix White Matter Integrity - Aging and Disease

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Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

Dr. Jeff Matheson obtained an HBSc (Biochem) degree from University of Western Ontario, followed by a his MDCM Degree (Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery) from McGill University in 1991. He was a full-time Emergency Room physician for 15 years, Medical Director of Med-Emerg Inc from 1998-2013, Founder of CPM Medical Clinics (pain management) which became the largest provider of pain management in Canada 2005 to present, setting standards to which all clinics must be certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario. He has trained over 70 physicians in the practice of pain management, established the Headache, Migraine and Pain Treatment Centre in Ajax Oct 2013- a new, non-narcotic approach to pain management using neuroplasticity principles. Jeff is one of the founders of Pure Life Science Corp.