Why Many Men Can No Longer Have Children

Posted on 7/27/2017 by

A new study came out on July 25, 2017 with what must be considered truly shocking data. The article states that, there has been “a significant decline in sperm counts between 1973 and 2011, driven by a 50–60% decline among men unselected by fertility from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.”


This is such a significant change in the health status of a population that has never before been seen. We may radically go from an overpopulated world to a vastly reduced population at all in only a few generations. Sperm cells are produced in prodigious amounts by the testes of men, so are very sensitive to environmental change. We have had a radical change in our dietary exposures to pesticides and herbicides in the past 50 years. 75% of all rainwater is now contaminated! The connection is easy to make.


Remember, anything that ends in “cide” means death. We are literally killing our future. How many women have gone through fertility treatments to become pregnant. See the explosion of fertility clinics in the Western world. The evidence is all around us. We need to take back our health, the system is failing us.


Part of the answer is eating organic and reducing our exposure, but we have to get rid of the toxins that have already accumulated in our bodies. The first step is to increase your cells ability to get the toxins out. They need energy to do that and the best way to get energy into your cells is to get them the oxygen they need. Pure Form Omega has clinically shown to improve cell oxygenation (as seen in the Miami Study). It will allow the cells normal, protective functions to start operating and get you back to optimal health. There are other steps to take but this is the most important first step. 

Pure Form Omega is an all organic, cold-pressed seed oil, under a blanket of nitrogen. There is a nitrogen bubble in each capsule, so no preservatives are needed. It is as pure as you can get (read more in our purity report here). Try the product; tell us what you think. Baby pictures are welcome!



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Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

Dr. Jeff Matheson obtained an HBSc (Biochem) degree from University of Western Ontario, followed by a his MDCM Degree (Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery) from McGill University in 1991. He was a full-time Emergency Room physician for 15 years, Medical Director of Med-Emerg Inc from 1998-2013, Founder of CPM Medical Clinics (pain management) which became the largest provider of pain management in Canada 2005 to present, setting standards to which all clinics must be certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario. He has trained over 70 physicians in the practice of pain management, established the Headache, Migraine and Pain Treatment Centre in Ajax Oct 2013- a new, non-narcotic approach to pain management using neuroplasticity principles. Jeff is one of the founders of Pure Life Science Corp.