Cliff Jumpers Vs. Life Changers

Posted on 1/2/2018 by

Here I sit on the verge of a New Year. 2017 can’t be considered a great year by any measure but the opportunity of improving your life has never been more obvious or more easily attainable. The science behind optimal health has been confused for years with competing financial interests clouding basic, well understood science. I think we have reached a point where people are so angry with their current state of health that they may actually be willing to make a change.

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The Truth About Fish Oils - Interview with Dr. Dan Pompa & Professor Brian Peskin

Posted on 12/10/2017 by

Pure Life Science colleague Professor Brian Peskins is featured on Cellular Healing TV to further discuss the Truth About Fish Oil!

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The Genetic Deception

Posted on 11/13/2017 by

How often have you heard “It runs in my family”? I often hear that with the resignation “if it’s going to happen anyways, I might as well not try and change it”. We’ve heard in the news repeatedly that there’s a gene been found for this disease and a gene found for that disease. We were told that when we sequenced the human genome that many new medicines would be invented. Well the human genome was sequenced about 15 years ago and we have developed nothing.

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Additional Unexpected Science based Benefits of Pure Form Omega, From Prostate to Menopause to Hair Growth

Posted on 10/11/2017 by

The more I research, the more benefits I find. A recent article came out about Pumpkin Seed Oil, a major component of Pure Form Omega®. I have personally seen all 11 of these “side benefits” in my patient population. When taken in proper, weight-based dosing, Pure Form Omega® provides the amount of pumpkin seed oil necessary to see all of these positive effects. In fact there is no theoretical maximum dose of the oils and I’ve seen some very sick patients use up to 45 capsules a day with no ill effects.

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Mitochondria, Pure Form Omega and You

Posted on 10/4/2017 by

It’s becoming clearer that almost all chronic diseases that we see today involve our mitochondria. But what are they? Well they are small cells within your cells that generate the energy you need everyday. They have distinct DNA, separate from our cells DNA and are very specialized in function. When they are compromised in function, the cell becomes inflamed, calling out for help. If the problem is not corrected, this can result in diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s or even cancer and death.

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Is Fish Oil Dangerous? Interview with Dr. Dan Pompa

Posted on 10/3/2017 by in Dr. Dan Pompa fish oil

Our Co-Founder and Medical Director Dr. Jeff Matheson was a guest on Cellular Healing Television with Dr. Daniel Pompa this past week discussing the dangers of Fish Oils. Watch the episode below.

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Sugar, Diabetes and Inflammation - A New Pathway Is Born

Posted on 9/27/2017 by

A very interesting, new paper has been published. It could really be worthy of a Nobel Prize considering the impact of the information. The paper itself is quite complex biochemistry. It stems back to the 1930’s, when glucose metabolism was just getting sorted out. Eventually Hans Adolf Krebs discovered the Krebs Cycle, which explained the cells handling of glucose. He eventually won the Nobel Prize. All other research ended although there were alternative theories about the way cells handled glucose. One of the more spectacular involved a putative link between the metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates, reported in the 1930s by Henze and co-workers. It was considered disproven, until now.

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