American Heart Association Endorses Naturally Sourced Omega-6

Posted on 2/25/2018 by Pure Life Science

In interesting articles I found from 2009 and 2015 shows that the American Heart Association actually supports the use of organic Omega-6 for the prevention of heart disease! ( (

It is also interesting the AHA recommends the avoidance of saturated fats, even though they are the preferred fuel of both heart ad brain ( and  It’s interesting that the president of the AHA, Dr. John Warner, a practicing cardiologist, that presumably adheres to all the current preventative strategies issued by his office (, which recommends avoidance of saturated fats, actually had a heart attack at the remarkably young age of 52 ( Pure Form Omega has well-sourced saturated fats from coconut oil, the best source of saturated fats known.

It’s incredible that someone who should have available to him the best that Western medicine has available should suffer a heart attack at such a young age. I don’t know him personally, I don’t know his health regime, but one must assume that he would practice what he preaches, as most conscientious physicians would do. But then he has a heart attack at a young age. I would hope that it would cause a re-evaluation of the current AHA advice of low fat, high carbohydrate diet that has led to an explosion of cardiovascular disease and diabetes today.

Pure Form Omega is the source of those high quality Omega-6 fats that have been proposed to protect against heart disease and the proper saturated fats preferred as fuel for both the heart and brain. It is organic, cold-pressed and unadulterated in any way. It is packaged in a capsule that uses nitrogen gas, an inert gas that composes 79% of our atmosphere so no anti-oxidants or preservatives are required. There are multiple studies supporting its use in diabetes (Miami study) and vascular disease (IOWA study).

I encourage all to try it and see for themselves. Most notice a difference in 2 weeks at adequate dosing. Give us feedback, it’s what keeps us going and let’s change the world.

Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

Dr. Jeff Matheson obtained an HBSc (Biochem) degree from University of Western Ontario, followed by a his MDCM Degree (doctor of medicine, teacher of surgery) from McGill University in 1991. He was a full-time Emergency Room physician for 15 years, Medical Director of Med-Emerg Inc from 1998-2013, Founder of CPM Medical Clinics (pain management) which became the largest provider of pain management in Canada 2005 to present, setting standards to which all clinics must be certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario. He has trained over 70 physicians in the practice of pain management, established the Headache, Migraine and Pain Treatment Centre in Ajax Oct 2013- a new, non-narcotic approach to pain management using neuroplasticity principles. Jeff is one of the founders of Pure Life Science Corp.