The Difference Between Pure Form Omega and Other Plant Based Oils: Borage Oil

Posted on 6/11/2018 by Pure Life Science

When supplementing with what we know as proper Omega-6 and -3 products from plants, the source does make a difference. Plants all contain the proper fatty acids but we cannot absorb them from all plants. I have to thank Dr. Paul Beatty for his insight into this issue. To be sure, there are other plant-based oils to choose from. Why are we any better?

Well it gets complicated, but it has to do with something called “stereochemistry”. This is the world of three-dimensional arrangement of atoms and molecules and the effect of this on chemical reactions. Apparently shape does matter, especially when it comes to the ability to use nutrition. We don’t actually break down what we eat into the base molecules, then absorb it, then reassemble it into new products. Nature conserves energy extremely well so that we are very efficient at reusing what other plants and animals give us.

If you look at most other plant-based oils on the market, you will notice many of them contain Borage Oil. There is a problem with this. The stereochemistry of Borage Oil is wrong. It turns out that the Omega-6 (GLA or gamma-Linolenic Acid)) is in the wrong position in the triglyceride chain ( (, which causes some undesirable side effects (Barre DE,Holub BJ  "the Effect of Borage Oil Consumption on the Composition of Individual Phospholipids in human Platelets"   Lipids 1992 May;27(5):315-20), showing that platelet membranes are altered and an increase in thromboxane B2 making them more “sticky”, hence may actually increase your risk of stroke or heart attack!

Pure Form Omega is partially sourced from Evening Primrose Oil, where the GLA is on the “2” position. This makes it much more available to your body ( which increases it’s anti-inflammatory effect. I know this is complicated, but the science behind Pure Form Omega has been well researched and verified clinically. All you have to do is try it and see for yourself!

Pure Form Omega is an organic, plant-based Omega, cold-pressed under a blanket of nitrogen with a bubble of nitrogen in each capsule to ensure freshness without the use of anti-oxidants or preservatives.

Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

Dr. Jeff Matheson obtained an HBSc (Biochem) degree from University of Western Ontario, followed by a his MDCM Degree (doctor of medicine, teacher of surgery) from McGill University in 1991. He was a full-time Emergency Room physician for 15 years, Medical Director of Med-Emerg Inc from 1998-2013, Founder of CPM Medical Clinics (pain management) which became the largest provider of pain management in Canada 2005 to present, setting standards to which all clinics must be certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario. He has trained over 70 physicians in the practice of pain management, established the Headache, Migraine and Pain Treatment Centre in Ajax Oct 2013- a new, non-narcotic approach to pain management using neuroplasticity principles. Jeff is one of the founders of Pure Life Science Corp.