Top Four Reasons to Take Pure Form Omega®

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1) Pure Form Omega contain the Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s), Linoleic Acid (LA), which is the Omega-6, and Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), which is the Omega-3. These 2 fatty acids are required from the diet (hence ESSENTIAL) and are only made by PLANTS. From these 2 fatty acids, all others can be made in the fatty acid cascade. See Figure:


The importance of this cannot be understated, the body can make ALL other fatty acids and the slow rate of conversion is NOT an issue, as it is a steady state reaction.

2) 95% or more of these Essential Fatty Acids stay in their native state, i.e. they are not converted and DO NOT go down the fatty acid cascade. The fatty acids are incorporated into the cell membrane DIRECTLY via the LDL and HDL systems (the cholesterol and fat transport mechanisms used by the body). They allow for the efficient transportation of oxygen across the cell membrane and are vital for the function of the energy-generating pathway, the KREB’s Cycle, on the membrane of our mitochondria, which is the part of the cell that generates ALL of our energy.

3) Unlike fish, plants can be harvested safely and renewably in organic environments. Thus it can be assured there are no concerns of heavy metal such as mercury contamination or radiation exposure.

4) Most importantly, the oils can be extracted in a non-oxygen environment, under a blanket of nitrogen; the inert part of air, which is impossible with fish, so there is no peroxidation (rotting) and therefore no rancidity. Also, the oils themselves are 320 times less prone to oxidation (rancidity) than the more fragile fats in fish oil, so even on exposure to oxygen and the highly acidic environment of the stomach, they would survive intact and be absorbed properly. Remember, omegas are essential for the body – we need these essential oils to maintain good health.

Time to Change Your Oil®

Pure Form Omega® Natural has the optimal 2.5 to 1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 from organic, plant-based sources which is optimal for human physiology.


Dr. Jeff Matheson, MDCM

Dr. Jeff Matheson obtained an HBSc (Biochem) degree from University of Western Ontario, followed by a his MDCM Degree (doctor of medicine, teacher of surgery) from McGill University in 1991. He was a full-time Emergency Room physician for 15 years, Medical Director of Med-Emerg Inc from 1998-2013, Founder of CPM Medical Clinics (pain management) which became the largest provider of pain management in Canada 2005 to present, setting standards to which all clinics must be certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario. He has trained over 70 physicians in the practice of pain management, established the Headache, Migraine and Pain Treatment Centre in Ajax Oct 2013- a new, non-narcotic approach to pain management using neuroplasticity principles. Jeff is one of the founders of Pure Life Science Corp.