The Truth About Fish Oils - Interview with Dr. Dan Pompa & Professor Brian Peskin

Posted on 12/10/2017 by

Pure Life Science colleague Professor Brian Peskins is featured on Cellular Healing TV to further discuss the Truth About Fish Oil!

Professor Peskin has dedicated his life to researching Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and how they affect cellular health. Peskin shares potentially shocking info on the dangers of fish oil, and explains a scientifically proven approach to fixing cell membrane health through the proper use of EFAs, which he called "Parent Essential Oils" (PEOs). During the interview, they dig into the cellular effects of fish oil, the best oils for cooking, how to safely supplement with PEOs, how PEOs can transform mitochondrial health, and much more. A fascinating conversation for any health seeker, and Peskin's book is now required reading for the doctors whom I coach.

Notice: Dr. Daniel Pompa is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA). For detailed licensing & disclaimer information, visit:

Dr. Pompa has voluntarily relinquished his chiropractic license in the state of Pennsylvania in order to more effectively pursue his dream of world health.




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