A recently completed independent study at the University of Miami demonstrated the effectiveness of Pure Form Omega® Natural in the treatment of serious medical conditions. The results at the time of writing have not been published nor peer-reviewed, but are powerful nonetheless.

A group of 17 consecutive patients referred to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at the University of Miami were entered in the study. All had non-healing, chronic wounds from various causes including post-operative, diabetic, venous stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds, burns and radiation. All were given standard of care treatment for 1 to 6 months before commencing Pure Form Omega® Natural. On average, these patients actually worsened by 22% when measuring wounds by volume before the product was introduced.

A total of 14 patients completed 4 months of supplementation and healed before the 4-month mark. The average healing was 86.8% by volume with 8 of the patients achieving 100% healing. These results are unprecedented in medicine today. There are no oral supplements or medications that have ever demonstrated this level of success. Consider that non-healing ulcers have a 5-year mortality greater than most cancers and cost the US economy $50 Billion annually, Pure Form Omega® Natural has the potential to significantly impact patients’ lives and greatly reduce the strain of patients on the overall economy.

We can therefore recommend the use of Pure Form Omega® Natural for the treatment of wounds from all causes, reducing post-operative complication rates, reducing diabetic complications and reducing the time treatment commitment of all wounds, regardless of cause.


Dr. Geoffrey Robb from MD Anderson in Houston has agreed to conduct an URGENT study on the potential wound healing effects of the Pure Form Omega® formulation in post-cancer breast reconstruction surgery patients. The average healing time in these patients is an astounding 18 months. We are confident based on the study on chronic wounds conducted at the University of Miami (see above) that the recovery time can be reduced by 50% or more. This should be a significant move forward in the care of all post-surgical patients with much lower morbidity, cost savings and even non-narcotic pain reduction.

We expect results to start coming in by September and will post them as we get them. The study will be ongoing so the statistics will be updated regularly.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 11TH 2017: We have been informed that 8 Surgeons at MD Anderson will be enrolling their patients in this study. This means that over half of the surgical department at MD Anderson will now be using Pure Form Omega® in their pre- and post-operative treatments. 

UPDATE NOVEMBER 21ST 2017: The commencement of a 200 patient, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial to examine the use of Plant-Based Omegas in the healing time and influence on co-morbidities of post-operative breast cancer reconstruction patients. Of note, at least 20% of subjects will be diabetic. Data will be forwarded as soon as analyzed by the staff statistician and forwarded to the company. The study will be submitted to a peer reviewed journal that is yet to be decided.

IOWA STUDY (Summary)

IOWA (Investigating Oils With respect to Arterial blockage) Experiment

This is the first experiment using photoplethysmography to detail the differences in arterial flexibility between subjects taking Pure Form Omega® and those taking fish oil. IOWA is the first experiment conclusively proving the superiority of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) of Pure Form Omega® to fish oil as regards to cardiovascular protection.

The IOWA experiment was run under the direction of Prof. Brian Peskin in conjunction with renowned interventional cardiologist David Sim, M.D. (of Boise, Idaho). Long-term Pure Form Omega® supplementation in patients presenting with a broad spectrum of maladies resulted in: 35 subjects, 13 male and 22 female, aged 35-75. The median age was 62 years old. These volunteers were supplemented with plant-based EFAs for a period of 3 months to 48 months. The median duration of use was 24 months. Half of the subjects used the EFA formulation for less than 24 months and half used it for more than 24 months.

Twenty-five of the subjects improved their arterial flexibility. That’s a 73% effectiveness rate (absolute — not relative). The average improvement was a 9-year decrease in biological arterial age, making their effective age younger than their physical age.

What is remarkable was the NNT (number needed to treat to see an effect in just one person) was 1.4. Pharma companies consider an NNT of less than 50 a good result for the effectiveness of their drugs. For example, for statins, the NNT to “prevent” one cardiovascular event is >80. That means more than 80 people would need to take a statin to see a single positive outcome. In contrast, just 1.4 people taking parent essential oils are required to see a positive outcome in 1 person. The statistical significance of the experiment, according to Alex Kiss, PhD, a statistician who has worked as consultant to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and is co-author of numerous peer reviewed medical journal papers, including New England Journal of Medicine and Cancer, is extremely high (99.85%), compared to most studies, which come in at only 95%. This experiment is 30 times more accurate than the average clinical study. That means the results can’t be due to chance or error. The mean (average) arterial (biological) age of the subjects dropped over 8.8 years — making each of them in effect a younger patient!  [Download the Study]



Migraines continue to impact an estimated 8.3% of the Canadian population. Although a variety of medications may help subside symptoms and frequency, complete resolve remains difficult to achieve in a clinical setting. In the following case study, a plant-based blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) was used as an adjunct to migraine therapy. A formula composed of EFA, including Linoleic Acid (LA), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) with a ratio of 2.5 to 1 Omega 6 to Omega 3. The Omega 6 EFAs were sourced from evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, and extra virgin coconut oil, and the Omega 3 EFAs from organic flax oil, to make up 755mg of EFAs dosed at six capsules per day.

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